FOR THE YEAR 2023 In 2014

the Château de Saint Marcel de Félines inaugurated a new annual artistic residency program.  Every summer, for several weeks, Saint Marcel becomes a setting for reflection, invested by an artist invited to live and work there to create new works, with a view to an exhibition organized at the end of his residency, in the fall. The architectural and landscape quality of the Château de Saint Marcel de Félines offers exceptional conditions for the artist to create works that echo the singular history of the place. This residency can also give rise to the creation of a site-specific work, a fusion of past and present. Isabelle Bernini, guest curator, proposes, in consultation with Daniel and Mary-Ange Hurstel, the artist in residence. The resident is invited to continue his or her personal research, and to cross-reference his or her work with the context of Saint Marcel de Félines. 

List of artists who have already come in residence:

In 2014, Anne-Laure Sacriste

In 2016, Stéphane Vigny

In 2017, Aurore Pallet

In 2018, Julia Cottin

In 2019, Jérémy Liron

In 2022, François Reau

In 2023, Damien Cadio

Also in 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting a young Italian artist, Francesca Adorni, in residence in November. This residency took place on the occasion of the performance of “Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov by the Neo Bachique company. 

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